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Frequently Asked Questions

Junk Car Medics purchases all vehicles in all conditions, running or not, any make or model, cars, trucks vans and SUV’s. We do not purchase motorcycles, recreation vehicles or buses.

Within reason, Junk Car Medics provides free junk car removal.  If your vehicle is located over 100 miles from one of our pickup yards then we may have to charge you if you still choose to sell your vehicle to us.

Normally, yes. Since most junk cars have reached the end of their life and won’t be driven again we don’t need the keys as long as you have the proper documents to prove ownership of the vehicle. We need to make sure the vehicle you are selling is yours. Not your exs.

We can not purchase abandoned vehicles or vehicles that are not in your name. If the title was signed over to you you will need to get a clean title stating your name on it.

If you have the title for your car we can purchase it. We need to verify ownership of your vehicle.

Your best bet is to contact the local authorities.

Of course, we are in every area! Our website highlights some of our top locations but we can not feature every area in America although we do cover every area. Simply contact us and we’ll make an offer.

We only work with reputable auto salvage yards that are certified and properly licensed, so yes it is.  If for whatever reason you have a problem you can call our private bat line at (305) 534-5991.

The price of your junk car depends on a few things, but mainly the weight.  You can read more about how much junk cars are worth here.